@ Stealth Coalville

Our Lil' Dragon's Program offers an opportunity for your child to build confidence by setting age appropriate goals, designed specifically for ages 3-5 years. We will be teaching safety skills such as First Aid, Fire Safety, and Stranger Awareness. They will also be learning life skills such as cooperation, memory, and balance. In addition, they will be building on their social skills to improve their relationship among their peers and cultivate a trust and respect for adults, children, and themselves.


As well as covering basic Martial Arts skills and techniques that are suitable for this age range our emphasis is geared towards creating a well rounded athletic, confident and outgoing young person, so that when they start full time school they are leaders not followers.


Lil Dragons is far more than a kick and punch program.


The program is broken down into 8 fazes, each faze has 8 classes that the children participate in, earning reward

tape for their belts each time a class is completed successfully.


At the end of each 2 month providing all the sessions have been attended the children will be invited to a

graduation event where they will be presented with a lil' dragons certificate, and the next belt up the ranks.


The lil Dragon's program is part of the Stealth Black Belt Academy group, so when your child graduates

the final stage he/she and earns his/her Lil'Dragon Black Belt they will be eligible to move up into the

children's Freestyle Karate classes.


We offer everyone a FREE TRIAL CLASS there's no pressure sales or bullying tactics,

it's our hope that after your child takes and enjoys their first class you will see the benefit

of them joining our family Martial Arts centres.


This will give you guys the chance to come along and meet the instructor, answer any

questions and allow your little ones to try out a taster session for free before enrolling.


If you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact us on 01530 836000 or text 07590 061455


Older than 5?? then check out our main site, we have classes for everyone! CLICK HERE